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Food fight over new diet guidelines

Is coffee a health food? Are cholesterol-packed eggs OK? Could eating less red meat help the environment and your health?

Getting help for chronic fatigue

For more than 2.5 million North Americans, the exhaustion, pain and brain fog of chronic fatigue syndrome are an everyday challenge. Now, a...

Medical research revolution is in your hands!

Take note: 2015 marks the year when medical research was potentially changed forever, thanks to a device that 72 million Americans carry in...

Dog bounces back after major surgery, nearly dying

As I (Henri Bianucci) was completing evening rounds in our ICU, I noted that our emergency service was heating up to a low boil.

Diagnosing, treating liver disease in felines

Dear Pet Docs: Our cat has been diagnosed with liver disease and we do not know what to do. She has been vomiting for the past few weeks...

Cruelty to pets or any animal should not be tolerated

The Charleston Animal Society has assumed a “no kill” status, basically meaning that it will no longer euthanize adoptable...

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