On Saturday, The Polish Ambassador and Ample Mammal are coming to the Daily Dose all the way from San Francisco. The secret: They are one in the same person.

Electronic music wizard Dave Sugalski is behind both of these musical endeavors. He uses aliases to distinguish between the genres of electronic jams. The Polish Ambassador was his first alias.

"It started back in Chicago, when I was working a job I didn't want to be working, so I invented this persona," Sugalsi said. It sort of started off as a big joke. I found this old record in some vintage record shop, and they were making fun of polish people on it. There was this one part of it that was making fun of a Polish Ambassador."

Being half-Polish himself, Sugalski sampled a clip in his first song that said, "Here comes the Polish Ambassador."

This particular alias produces upbeat, infectious electronic dance music. Sugalski takes part in the rising musical trend of live mixing, using computers and midi instruments to produce his album tracks differently at every performance. He also performs in full regalia: a vintage 1980s one-piece jumpsuit.

"The story behind it is when I was in Chicago, I was in a vintage shop," Sugalski said. "This was when I was in the conceiving process of the Polish Ambassador. Immediately, like a tractor beam, I was drawn to it. It's this Swedish ski suit from 1982. I forget exactly how the transaction went down, but I talked them down $15 to $5 bucks. I have to attribute some success to it."

Ample Mammal is another persona that Sugalski created, concentrating less on layers and layers of melodies, like The Polish Ambassador does. Ample Mammal focuses in on only a few layered melodies while relying on more processed drum tracks.

"Ample Mammal is a brand-new alias," Sugalski said. "I just put out my first album. The reason that I came up with that moniker is because this particular music I've been making has had a hip-hop slant. I wanted to create another character and branch out."

The show at the Daily Dose is a small festival of sorts called Flow. Also sharing the stage will be Noise[Org] of Auburn, Ala.; Science Factory of Myrtle Beach; and Droppin' Joints Magically, Danis and The Glo-Glo Girls of Charleston. Mark Moshtaghi of Bizee Body Entertainment is putting the show on in conjunction with John Coleman and Barney McIntyre.

Sugalski hasn't ever been to the Charleston area, but is excited to tour the Southeast. The show Saturday is part of a larger tour that also will hit Savannah, Georgia, Johnson City, Tenn, and Chapel Hill and Greensboro, N.C.

What's next for the seemingly schizophrenic elecronica musician?

"I have a completely new Polish Ambassador album that's close to being mastered. I probably won't release it for a few months, but I have that ready to go. I have another album full of Ample Mammal tracks as well. I spend 80 hours a week composing, so I have stockpiles of music."