It seems like little can slow down the juggernaut that is the Christmas retail season. So before the madness of Black Friday and the increasing frenzy of shoppers desperate to find the perfect gift in the upcoming weeks, letís all just take a collective pause to appreciate Thanksgiving.

Enjoy friends and family, stuff yourself with glorious food and remember to be thankful for what we have.

Current champ Greg Larson is taking on Aaron Barse, a graphic design student and swing dance instructor.


1. What historic landmark is known as the place where the Pilgrims landed in America?

2. What president first appointed an official day to celebrate Thanksgiving?

3. In ďA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,Ē name one thing Snoopy and Woodstock (the caterers) prepare as the main dish.

4. Who was the chief of the Wampanoag tribe at the first Thanksgiving?

5. What was the name of the ship the Pilgrims came over in?

6. The first NFL Thanksgiving Day football game was held in 1934 by what professional team?

7. What American statesman lobbied to make the turkey the national symbol?

8. How long did the first Thanksgiving last?

9. Who was Plymouthís first governor?

10. Name one popular Thanksgiving food that was not served at the Pilgrimís celebration.


1. Plymouth Rock

2. FDR, but Iím not sure.

3. Turkey?

4. Squanto

5. The Mayflower

6. Bears

7. Franklin

8. A week

9. John Carver

10. Pumpkin pie


1. Plymouth Rock

2. Probably not Washington. Lincoln?

3. Cranberry sauce

4. No idea.

5. Mayflower

6. The Lions

7. Roosevelt

8. Three days

9. What? John Smith.

10. Pumpkin pie


Head2Head has a new trivia champion as Aaron squeaked out a win against long-time champ Greg. Aaron will return next week to defend his title.

Happy Thanksgiving!


1. Plymouth Rock

2. Abraham Lincoln

3. Toast or popcorn

4. Massasoit

5. The Mayflower

6. Detroit Lions

7. Benjamin Franklin

8. Three days

9. John Carver

10. There are several correct answers: Pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and potatoes (white or sweet) are a few.