“ ‘Water’ was my first word. It is my liquid of choice. I drink a lot of it. My favorite thing to do is swim in the rain. I love water. Truly.”

Photojournalist Mikayla Mackaness’ words are as poetic as her collection of underwater photographs, called “Immersed,” now on display at the Charleston Center for Photography.

“These photographs are a collection of moments that happened with me underwater,” she said. “They are made of two exhibitions that both started in Spoleto, traveled worldwide, and have landed back in the States again, here in Charleston. They were made over three years, with the last one made in 2011.

“They combine natural and underwater lighting to create moods and colors that, hopefully, care to move your imagination.

“These were so much fun to make: from the assistants, to the models, to the onlookers: just swimming and making photographs. These are, to me, a fluid embrace of light.”

With a Bachelor of Arts in visual journalism and a graduate certificate in peace and conflict resolution, Mackaness has had an interesting life working as a humanitarian relief coordinator. She has lived and worked in dozens of places all over the world, and returned to Charleston several years ago.

“Photography is spiritual for me,” she said. “It’s seeking, finding and sharing light in a surround. A stilled moment memorized forever. ... Memorizing the emotion, movement, wrinkle, touch, that’s what a photographer does. We share humanity’s light.”

“Immersed” will be on display at the Center for Photography, 654 King St., until the end of December. Call 720-3105 or go to www.neg40.com.

Unsilent Night

The New Music Collective is again organizing Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night, to be held at 5 p.m. Saturday.

This is a moving sound installation held at various days and times throughout the country.

Here’s how it works: Attendees gather in one location — Charleston’s location will be the City Gallery at Waterfront Park.

Everyone brings some sort of media-playing device (CD players, iPods, cell phones, old-school boomboxes) and is given a CD or an MP3 that creator Phil Kline has put together specifically for the event.

Attendees are told to press play at a specific time and the music is amplified by all the various devices while the “carolers” walk throughout the city.

Kline has been doing this for years and the concept continues to spread.

To join, email Ron Wiltrout at ron@newmusiccollective.org ahead of time.

“The more the merrier! Bring the whole family! Strollers welcome! Even the dog!” Wiltrout said.