A Fragile Tomorrow

Formed in a small town in Orange County, N.Y., the power pop quartet A Fragile Tomorrow seems to have fully embraced its new home base here in the Lowcountry on its last effort, a live album recorded at Awendaw Green.

The move wasn’t as surprising as it first may seem, being that the band is a longtime collaborator with Awendaw Green regular Danielle Howle.

The band had its 2009 album, “Tripping Over Nothing,” produced by Howle; in turn, lead singer Sean Kelly co-produced and mixed Howle’s 2011 album, “New Year Revolutions.”

Though A Fragile Tomorrow is based in Charleston, the quartet spends most of its time on the road, performing alongside the likes of the Indigo Girls, The Bangles, Antigone Rising, Blues Traveler, Garrison Starr and others.

The band recently wrapped up a string of dates with Matthew Sweet and will be back on the road in 2013 following the release of its new effort, “Be Nice Be Careful.”

A Fragile Tomorrow will perform tonight at The Mill, 1026 E. Montague Ave., in North Charleston.

Call 225-2650 for more information.

Stereo Reform

Trio Stereo Reform began in Charleston several years ago before moving west to Los Angeles in search of a larger fan base for its funk-inspired music style and spirited live performances.

After leaving L.A. to tour for a year, the band decided to return to South Carolina, re-settling in Greenville, where it has remained for the past few years.

Musically, the band builds on a foundation laid by such funk/rock bands as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More, but reverberates with more modern influences ranging from the Kings of Leon to Ghostland Observatory.

The band’s live show is a sweaty collision of passion and musicianship that is sure to take charge of any crowd and catapult what might be a dull evening into the kind of frenetic dance party that Charleston so adores.

Stereo Reform will take part in a special “Last Day on Earth” performance Friday at The Pour House, 1977 Maybank Highway, with Jordan Igoe, Mackie Boles and The Dead 27s. Tickets are $7 at the door or online at etix.com. Doors open at 9 p.m.

Go to charlestonpourhouse.com or call 571-4343 for more information.

Motormouth Mabel

One of Charleston’s rare punk breeds, Motormouth Mabel has spent several years bouncing between house shows and lenient venues, anywhere tolerant enough to host the booze-fueled chaos that seems to trail the quartet.

As is the punk way, Motormouth Mabel tends to shy away from media exposure and self-promotion, but despite its apathy, or perhaps because of it, the band has developed a dedicated fan base around the Southeast through sporadic pop-up appearances and quietly released records.

Motormouth Mabel will perform Saturday at The Royal American, 970 Morrison Drive, with Bully Pulpit. Tickets are $5 at the door. Doors open at 9 p.m.

Call 817-6925 for more information.