Should you find Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant just a tad familiar, little explanation is necessary. Ownership includes the same folks who helped operate the Pho No. 1 restaurant inside the H&L Asian Market on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.

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What: Phuong Vietnamese RestaurantWhere: 5634 Rivers Ave., North CharlestonFor more: 718-3781 or www.phuong

Now, theyíve just moved up the road a bit to open Phuong at the space formerly occupied by the short-lived but well-received Raulís Taqueria and Mexican Grill.

So rather than offering bowls of Raulís Guadalajara specialty stew, carne en su jugo, Phuong spoons out pho, Vietnamese noodle soup served with a little cilantro, green onions and bean sprouts tucked on the side.

The decor, brightly colored walls and an S-shaped bar, might be similar to Raulís, only the menu resembles Pho No. 1. And by similar, we mean that itís pretty much identical.

Not that itís a terrible thing, just perhaps a tad unoriginal, as admirers of Pho No. 1 should become Phuong fans, as well.

Vietnamese dishes such as egg noodle soup, rice vermicelli, rice dishes, fried and steamed, fried noodle selections and savory, sizzling pancakes called banh xeo dot the menu.

And unlike Pho No. 1, Phuong accepts credit cards.

So stock up on the com ga don ($8.45) or com vit ($10.99), a pair of steamed rice plates served with crispy fried chicken and roasted duck, respectively.

Or try a bowl of rice vermicelli, with a choice of sliced pork, beef or shrimp.

Tasty spring rolls accompanied with a tasty peanut hoisin dipping sauce appear on the menu, too, along with several variations of pho, either with slices of beef, brisket, meatballs or tripe.