This week’s trivia is all about Elvis Presley, who was born Jan. 8, 1935.

Vickie Douglas is the current Head2Head champ, and her challenger is Sara Chen, who is visiting Charleston for the holidays.


1. Where was Elvis born?

2. Where is Graceland located?

3. What was his job just before he became a singer?

4. What was his first No. 1 hit song?

5. Name the first movie Elvis starred in.

6. Elvis took a hiatus from performing from 1958 to 1960. What was he doing instead?

7. Manager Tom Parker was known as the ... ?

8. Where did Elvis and Priscilla get married?

9. What became his catchphrase after he’d perform a song during live shows?

10. Who said, “When I first heard Elvis’ voice, I just knew that I wasn’t going to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss. ... Hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail.”

Vickie’s answers

1. I know it’s somewhere in Mississippi so I’m gonna say Tupelo.

2. Memphis, Tenn.

3. I’m gonna have to guess on this one. Was he a mechanic?

4. Maybe “Heartbreak Hotel”

5. I can’t think of the name, but the one with Ann-Margret.

6. I’m pretty sure he was in the Army.

7. Colonel

8. Vegas

9. “Thank you. Thank you very much.” You have to say it just like he did.

10. Neil Young

Sara’s answers

1. Birmingham

2. Memphis

3. A radio deejay.

4. “Blue Suede Shoes”

5. “Viva Las Vegas”

6. Rehab

7. Colonel

8. Las Vegas

9. “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

10. John Lennon


Vickie is on a roll as she defeats another competitor to remain the Head2Head champion. Next week she’ll be back to try for win number four.

Correct answers

1. Tupelo, Miss.

2. Memphis, Tenn.

3. Truck driver

4. “Heartbreak Hotel”

5. “Love Me Tender”

6. He was in the Army.

7. Colonel

8. At the original Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.

9. “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

10. Bob Dylan