If you havenít had a chance to take advantage of Charleston Restaurant Week, youíve still got time to do so, as it runs through Sunday. With more than 140 participating restaurants, thereís something for everyone.

Current champ Joel Young is being challenged by retired retail manager Ellen Foy.


1. Which participating restaurant is named for (the pirate) Blackbeardís ship?

2. The restaurant at the Mills House Hotel is named after which Caribbean island?

3. Circa 1886 is located in what part of Wentworth Mansion?

4. What King Street restaurant is named after a type of apple?

5. Name one of two Sean Brock restaurants that are participating.

6. Whatís the name of Charlestonís newest steakhouse?

7. Slightly North of Broad is also known as?

8. Which area Indian restaurant is participating in Restaurant Week?

9. Name the popular Italian restaurant in Avondale.

10. This restaurant is where the 2012 PGA Championship was held (think golf course, not just island).

Joelís Answers

1. The Wreck

2. It starts with a B ... Bahamas?

3. Former stables.

4. Must be the Macintosh.

5. McCradyís

6. Oak. Donít know if itís the newest.


8. Donít know.

9. Is it Al Di La?

10. The one at the Ocean Course.

Ellenís Answers

1. The one on Daniel Island, Queen Anneís Revenge.

2. Itís called the Barbados Room.

3. Is dining room too obvious?

4. The Macintosh

5. Husk

6. Not sure. Hallís maybe?


8. The West Ashley place. Nirlep, I think.

9. Love this place; Al Di La.

10. Itís at Kiawah. One of the restaurants at The Sanctuary maybe?


Joelís reign as Head2Head champ was a short one as Ellen demonstrated a localís knowledge of area restaurants. Sheíll be back next week to defend her title.

Correct Answers

1. Queen Anneís Revenge

2. Barbados

3. Carriage house

4. Macintosh

5. Husk and McCradyís

6. Burwellís Stone Fire Grill


8. Nirlep

9. Al Di La

10. Atlantic Room at the Ocean Course