So maybe you read recently in The Post and Courier about the so-called flag flap concerning Chucktown Tavern.

What: Chucktown TavernWhere: 159 Market St.Hours: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Mon.-Thurs., 8 a.m.-2 a.m. Fri., 8 a.m.-midnight Saturdaymore info: 637-3681 or

The super short version is that the restaurant and bar has raised, lowered and raised again a POW-MIA flag and an American flag, which led to a ďcooledĒ relationship with its landlord, The Beach Co.

Now, the rent is increasing, and the tavern might be looking for a new spot in a few months.

Thatís too bad because, regardless of the flag flap, these guys may just deserve a permanent spot on Market Street thanks to their stuffed burgers ($8.95-$14.95).

They bear homespun names like the Carolina Swamp Fox, the Fort Moultrie Palmetto Pimento, the General Lee Reuben and the General Jackson Club, each swollen with a variety of fillings, including chili, cheddar cheese, pimiento cheese and jalapenos.

Or in the case of the Lowcountry Delight, make it blue crab, shrimp and Havarti dill cheese. But for our money, $12.95 in this case, Chucktown Tavernís Blue Bacon South of Broad burger beats all comers.

The exterior of the BBSOB (for those inclined to use acronyms) isnít toughened or crusted like many stuffed burgers, which often need extra time to cook. Rather, itís soft and gooey, the blue cheese spread on top, the bacon fit between the patties. Itís a brilliant mash up, delightfully plump and inviting, the sesame seed bun seemingly floating on top.

The restaurant boasts some serious sandwich options, too, including its oversized Chucktown Club ($9.95), primed with bacon, lettuce, ham and turkey.

More choices include cheese steak sandwiches, chicken and fish filets, and pulled pork sandwiches.

At any rate, hereís hoping Chucktown settles its rent and space issues soon, and those offerings wonít just be for a limited time only.