If you were one of those kids who spent every Saturday morning in front of the television watching cartoons, this week’s Head2Head trivia should be a breeze.

Current champ Ellen Foy is facing off against student Chad Stevens.


1. What was the name of the cat from “The Smurfs?”

2. What gave Scooby-Doo courage?

3. What was the name of the magician from “He-Man?”

4. Who was the villain that always tried to sabotage people in “Wacky Races?”

5. What was the name of Fred Flintstone’s boss?

6. What’s the name of Rainbow Bright’s horse?

7. What all-American wrestler went on to become a regular character on “G.I. Joe?”

8. On the cartoon “Jem,” what was the name of her band?

9. Who was the arch enemy of the ThunderCats?

10. What was the name of the Transformers’ home planet?


1. This is the only one I may know. Azrael.

2. Some kind of treat.

3. Oh, my gosh, I haven’t a clue.

4. I’ve never even heard of that cartoon.

5. I wish you’d asked for his (Fred Flintstone’s) wife’s name because that I knew.

6. I can’t even come up with a good enough guess.

7. Hulk Hogan

8. Jem’s Backup Band

9. The Lightning Dogs

10. Pluto


1. Azrael

2. He gets some Scooby Snacks.

3. No clue man.

4. Also no clue.

5. Mr. Stone or something like that.

6. Starlite

7. Wasn’t into “G.I. Joe.”

8. Jem and the Holograms

9. Mumm-Ra

10. Cybertron


Sadly for Ellen, who was so dominant in last week’s contest, this subject really didn’t suit her. It did, however, suit Chad enough to give him the win and allow him to return next week for another round of Head2Head trivia.


1. Azrael

2. Scooby Snacks

3. Orko

4. Dick Dastardly

5. Mr. Slate

6. Starlite

7. Sgt. Slaughter

8. Jem and the Holograms

9. Mumm-Ra

10. Cybertron