The Southeastern Wildlife Expo returns this weekend, officially kicking off the 2013 events season.

Whether you like the flight demonstrations from the folks at the Center for Birds of Prey, the DockDogs competition or the wildlife artwork on display, there’s pretty much something for everyone.

Marcy Baker, Head2Head trivia champ, is being challenged by Brenda Franklin.


1. How many years has SEWE been in Charleston?

2. The winner of a DockDogs “Big Air” competition is one who’s done what?

3. What is the largest bird of prey in South Carolina?

4. What is South Carolina’s state dog?

5. Name one of the two featured artists at this year’s SEWE.

6. SeaWorld’s Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina will be making her SEWE debut this year to talk about her work with animals, including an 8,000-pound killer whale who goes by what name?

7. Presenters Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived in the Idaho mountains for six years studying what kind of animal?

8. This hunting “aid” has come to be considered a form of North American folk art with antique ones selling for thousands of dollars. What is it?

9. What Charleston-based magazine has the slogan “The Soul of the South”?

10. What is the only native wild cat in South Carolina today?


1. I’m afraid I don’t know much about the expo.

2. Jumped the highest off the ground.

3. Osprey

4. A Boykin, I think.

5. I don’t know.

6. Shamu?

7. Mountain lion

8. Duck decoy

9. Garden & Gun

10. Probably the bobcat.


1. I read in the paper 31.

2. Jumps the longest distance.

3. A bald eagle.

4. Some kind of hound.

5. I have no idea.

6. Shamu? That’s the only one I know.

7. Wolves

8. Hunting rifle?

9. Garden & Gun

10. Is it the bobcat?


Once again Head2Head has a new trivia champ with Brenda edging out Marcy by two. Brenda will be back next week.

SEWE runs Friday-Sunday with a variety of events held throughout downtown Charleston. Check out the special section insert for full details.


1. 31

2. Jumped the farthest

3. Bald eagle

4. Boykin spaniel

5. Painter Jay Kemp, sculptor Pete Zaluzec

6. Shamu

7. Wolf

8. Duck decoy

9. Garden & Gun

10. Bobcat