Attention all foodies!

The BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival is taking over Marion Square (you’ve likely already noticed the white tents popping up) and beyond this weekend.

Today through Sunday, there will be lectures, food demonstrations, wine tastings, appearances by celebrity chefs and more happening all over the peninsula, though the hub is Marion Square.

Two-time Head2Head champ Brenda Franklin is being challenged this week by Randy Chase.


1. Lowcountry boil made of shrimp, corn on the cob and sausage is also known as what?

2. What does the vintage date on a bottle of wine indicate?

3. In 1994, these brothers decided to popularized the boiled peanut in New York, and now have cookbooks and an online catalog. Who are they?

4. What staple was introduced almost as an afterthought in the 17th century but is now considered a main ingredient in many Lowcountry dishes?

5. How many grapes does it take to make an average-size bottle of wine?

6. What popular restaurant in downtown Charleston was the site of a dinner held in honor of George Washington in 1791?

7. What kind of alcohol is used to flavor she-crab soup?

8. Traditionally in the Lowcountry, what is eaten on New Year’s Day in order to bring luck?

9. What is the main ingredient in grits?

10. What is a scuppernong?


1. It’s frogmore stew.

2. When the bottle was stored?

3. The Lee Brothers

4. Grits

5. Maybe a few handfuls.

6. McCrady’s

7. Madeira (wine)

8. Oh, I don’t know.

9. Corn

10. Isn’t it a kind of grape?


1. Frogmore stew. No frogs in it though.

2. When the grapes are picked.

3. Ted and Matt Lee

4. Rice

5. Roughly two pounds.

6. McCrady’s

7. Sherry

8. It’s an old dish known as Hoppin’ John. Not sure who John was though.

9. Corn

10. A grape


Despite wins the past two weeks, Brenda met her match in Randy, who knew more about Lowcountry cuisine. He’ll return next week looking for another win.


1. Frogmore stew

2. The year the grapes were harvested.

3. Matt and Ted Lee

4. Rice

5. About 2½ pounds

6. McCrady’s

7. Sherry

8. Hoppin’ John

9. Corn

10. A variety of the muscadine grape.