The “wayward bistro” mantra designated to the food truck Pot Kettle Black makes for cute copy.

If you go

What: Pot Kettle Black

Where: Changes daily

For more: 817-FOOD (817-3663) or

True, PKB’s travels may be unpredictable, but the food is far from indiscriminate.

The Southern-inspired sandwich board deals deeply in pork, fried green tomatoes and creativity.

Find Pot Kettle Black out and about at food truck rodeos, business complexes during the week and at all points in between.

Check or call 817-FOOD (yes, that’s a real number — a real awesome number) for an updated calendar.

Chef Jon Caton and his wife, Laura Carone, started the food truck in April 2011, helping pave the way for a mobile federation that now probably includes more than 20-plus entries.

Pot Kettle Black rides high among the bunch, secured to a frame featuring sandwiches with titles like the Spider Pig BLT ($9) and the Bodacious Hamacious ($8).

That’s a lot of flavor just in the names.

By melding fried green tomatoes, pimiento cheese and bacon, the Spider Pig achieves a tasty, crunchy mix of tartness and saltiness. Grilled sourdough bread provides the foundation, capably sustaining the classic character of the sandwich.

Then there’s the Bodacious Hamacious, which translates roughly to “oh, my goodness, I must have several more of your fine sandwiches prior to the conclusion of the fortnight.”

Thinly sliced portions of cooked capicola ham and roasted garlic give the sandwich its signature spiciness. Melted provolone cheese and the Kaiser roll add a soft, finishing touch.

Pot Kettle Black’s road menu also can feature crab croissants, chicken or hickory-smoked pulled pork tacos, and duck confit sandwiches.

Just look wayward, and you’ll find them.