Just about everyone celebrates Cinco de Mayo these days, but how many people know the history behind the holiday?

Put your thinking caps on, because this week’s trivia is about to challenge your knowledge of our neighbors to the South, and we’re not talking about Georgia.

Last week’s Head2Head ended in a rare tie between our two contestants, Craig Elton and Steve Zimmer, and this week determines who will be our new champ.


1. What does Cinco de Mayo mean?

2. What battle does Cinco de Mayo commemorate?

3. Who did the Mexican army defeat on May 5, 1862?

4. Who was the U.S. president in 1862?

5. What was the name of the Mexican general who won the battle?

6. In the United States, what state celebrated the first Cinco de Mayo in 1967?

7. The Aztec city of Tenochtitlan is now known as what?

8. What country did Mexico win its independence from?

9. When is Mexican Independence Day?

10. Name the two countries that border Mexico to the Southeast.


1. May 5

2. The Alamo

3. U.S.

4. Lincoln

5. Montezuma

6. California

7. Mexico City

8. Spain

9. May 5

10. Honduras and Guatemala


1. Starting with an easy one. May 5.

2. Huh, I definitely don’t know this.

3. At some point they were fighting the French?

4. Abe Lincoln

5. Seriously. No idea.

6. California

7. The capital, Mexico City.

8. Spain

9. Sometime in the fall.

10. Guatemala. Belize.


Steve breaks the stalemate with Craig and becomes our new Head2Head trivia champ. We’ll see Steve next week as he takes on a new challenger. In the meantime, happy Cinco de Mayo!


1. May 5

2. Battle of Puebla

3. The French Army

4. Abraham Lincoln

5. Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza

6. California

7. Mexico City

8. Spain

9. Sept. 16

10. Belize and Guatemala