The Little Star of the Caribbean pays homage to the cuisine and traditions of the islands — arroz con pollo or pernil, anyone? — cooking up Puerto Rican and Cuban foods from its mobile kitchen.

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What: Little Star of the Caribbean

Where: Rotating

For more: 518-8912 or

The food truck takes to the streets to serve up its family recipes. Check the web site,, for the latest schedule.

But first thing first, it’s a great ride.

The custom truck design prominently features the Puerto Rican flag, which is cut into the shape of the country, on both sides. It’s a handsome layout, the flag dressed in red and white stripes, giving way to a blue triangle and a large, five-pointed star contained within.

The pride is obvious, as is the message: Caribbean comfort food, courtesy of a veteran family-owned business.

Little Star rolls out several combos including pernil ($8), a slow-roasted pork shoulder covered in a garlicky marinade and sliced up like barbecue.

The arroz con pollo ($8), or chicken and rice, features bite-size pieces of chicken and yellow rice, while the El Cubano ($8), naturally, is a Cuban sandwich with cooked ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, dill pickle slices and mustard smeared onto buttery panini bread.

Empanadas ($3) come in choices of beef, chicken and guava paste, which is like a candied guava puree made by combining guava fruit and sugar.

Try the tostones ($2) as well, a salty treat of twice deep-fried green plantains.

The Little Star of the Caribbean also makes its own mojo, mango vinaigrette and pique, a type of Puerto Rican sauce. Spill some over rice and beans, tostones or an item of your choosing.

The Little Star will be happy to oblige, and to share a bit of its Caribbean hospitality.