North Charleston enjoys a solid collection of pizzerias: EVO Pizza, Park Pizza Co. and Steel City Pizza, plus the mobile eatery Coastal Crust, which caters to many of the businesses in the area.

If you go

What: Rivers End Pizzeria and Phillys

Where: 3740 Rivers Ave., North Charleston

Hours: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon.-Sat.

More info: 746-0990

Heck, Jet’s Pizza is worth name checking as the Michigan chain serves up some tasty deep-dish square pizza.

Now, if only one of these were on Stromboli Avenue, up near the King Street Extension, then we’d have the perfect pizza pub on the perfect street.

Alas, that’s not the case here as Rivers End Pizzeria and Phillys can be found on Rivers Avenue and regrettably it won’t be joining the, ahem, talented upper crust.

Keeping with its name, Rivers End supplies Philly cheesesteaks and pizza pies, along with wings, salads, chicken strips, calzones, stromboli, and cold and hot subs.

The restaurant opened in March and contains sparse decor: a few scattered tables, minimal decorations.

The pizza ($13.99-$16.99) is lacking, too.

The slices from our medium pepperoni were flat, limp and laden with oil. Sorry the reports aren’t more encouraging.

As for the Philly cheesesteaks ($7.50-$7.99), the bread was soft and fluffy, but the meat somewhat rough and chewy.

Wings (6 for $4.99; 12 for $7.99; 24 for $14.99) come in four variations: hot, mild, BBQ and teriyaki.

The chicken strips (3 for $4.99) are fairly standard with breaded covering and coming in buffalo and BBQ versions.

The hot and cold subs ($7.50-$7.99) favor the customary: ham and cheese, Italian, tuna salad and parmesan.

So, yep, originality is a bit lacking.

On a more heartening note, service is efficient and swift. Rivers End served up its piping-hot Philly cheesesteak in mere minutes, and the pepperoni pizza quickly followed suit.

It’s too bad restaurants aren’t solely measured on speed, as Rivers End would surely triumph.