In a recent edition of The Post and Courier about the start of the college football season, it was described as a “religion” in the South.

Well, isn’t that the truth.

Heading into the start of the 2013 season, which begins today, there are five SEC teams that are ranked in the Top 10 of the AP poll.

This week’s Head2Head trivia is about, you guessed it, SEC football.

Olivia Davis, who’s studying for her nursing exam, is our current champ and a University of Georgia fan, while her opponent is Erica McCall, who is new to the area and a Louisiana State University fan.


1. Which university has won the most SEC championships?

2. In 1991, the conference went from 10 to 12 teams by adding which two teams?

3. Which of these teams — Georgia Tech, Clemson University, Tulane University, Auburn University — was not an original member of the SEC?

4. When Peyton Manning’s University of Tennessee Volunteers won the conference championship in 1997, what team did they beat?

5. Which university won three SEC championships in a row between 1980-1982?

6. What is Vanderbilt’s mascot?

7. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is commonly called what?

8. What conference did South Carolina belong to before joining the SEC?

9. The winner of the annual LSU-Arkansas football rivalry game wins what trophy?

10. Ole Miss replaced its mascot in 2010. What is the new one?


1. I’d have to say Alabama.

2. Let’s say Ole Miss and LSU.

3. Clemson?

4. I’m leaning towards Carolina.

5. I know Georgia had a string of championships at some point.

6. A Commodore.

7. I can’t believe I’m drawing a blank here. I don’t know it.

8. ACC

9. I don’t know, a silver helmet.

10. Isn’t it called a Rebel Bear or something?


1. I mean, obviously, Alabama.

2. Um, Vanderbilt and USC?

3. Tulane?

4. I truly have no idea, but I’ll throw one out there: Auburn.

5. This is so obviously a guess, but is it Florida?

6. The Commodores.

7. Otherwise known as The Swamp.

8. Um, ACC?

9. Ha! The Golden Boot.

10. It’s a bear, right?


Erica becomes our latest Head2Head Trivia champ, and she’ll be back next week to take on a new challenger.


1. University of Alabama

2. University of Arkansas and University of South Carolina

3. Clemson University

4. Auburn University

5. University of Georgia

6. Commodore

7. The Swamp

8. Atlantic Coast Conference

9. The Golden Boot

10. Rebel Black Bear