For the third year in a row, Charleston has been named the top city in America by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine. And so many Charleston hotels received high marks this year that they were given their own section.

Our little city continues to score high in the reader’s poll partly because of its distinctive architecture and rich history. So, in honor of the Holy City’s popularity, here’s some local trivia coming your way.

Current Head2Head champion Heather Fuller, a medical assistant, is going up against Ron Lloyd, who works in marketing.


1. What was America’s first building constructed solely as a theater?

2. What is the oldest public building in Charleston?

3. The first North American game of this sport was played in Charleston in 1786.

4. What fruit is the symbol of hospitality?

5. The monument in Marion Square is dedicated to what prominent South Carolinian?

6. What is the longest remaining cobblestone street downtown called?

7. What is the intersection of Meeting and Broad streets known as?

8. What year was the earthquake that measured 7.3 on the Richter scale and damaged 2,000 buildings?

9. Designer of the Washington Monument, this local was the first professionally trained architect in the United States.

10. Edward Rutledge and Charles Pinckney, signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, respectively, are buried on the grounds of which historic downtown church?


1. The Dock Street

2. That little building on Cumberland. The Powder Magazine.

3. Could it be golf?

4. Pineapple

5. Calhoun, like the street.

6. Chalmers

7. The four corners of the law.

8. Not exactly sure. Sometime in the 1880s.

9. Haven’t a clue.

10. St. Michael’s


1. Seem to recall that’s the Dock Street Theatre.

2. The Old Powder Magazine

3. Thinking it’s golf.

4. The pineapple

5. Calhoun

6. Chalmers. Don’t recommend driving down it.

7. Known as the four corners of the law because of the different branches of government represented at each corner.

8. 1886

9. Don’t think I know this.

10. St. Philip’s


Our two contestants knew a good deal of local trivia, making this a close race, but there can only be one Head2Head trivia champ. Ron will return next week against a new opponent.


1. Dock Street Theatre, formerly the New Theatre

2. The Powder Magazine

3. Golf

4. Pineapple

5. John C. Calhoun

6. Chalmers Street

7. Four corners of the law

8. 1886

9. Robert Mills

10. St. Philip’s Episcopal Church