This week’s trivia goes spooky with a horror movie theme in honor of Halloween.

Current champ Ron Lloyd, who works in marketing, is attempting a second win. His opponent is speech therapist Becky Evers.


1. This horror movie featured a young Mrs. Sinatra and was directed by Roman Polanski.

2. If you’re a teenager living on Elm Street, what should you never do?

3. What horror movie has a character write a book that contains only the line “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” repeated over and over again?

4. Name the horror movie that was originally called “The Babysitter Murders.”

5. What actress played the girl who was possessed by a demon in “The Exorcist”?

6. What horror movie centers around Camp Crystal Lake?

7. The horror villain Charles Lee Ray is better known as ... ?

8. For what movie was it suggested that people who suffered from motion sickness sit in the aisle seats at theaters?

9. In the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” what is the killer dressed as?

10. What classic horror monster was made famous by Boris Karloff?


1. That would be “Rosemary’s Baby.”

2. Seems like you’re not supposed to fall asleep.

3. Sounds like “The Shining.”

4. Don’t know this one.

5. Linda Blair

6. “Friday the 13th”

7. This is also one I don’t know.

8. “Scream”

9. Thinking that’s the guy with the hook who looks like a fisherman.

10. Frankenstein


1. “Rosemary’s Baby”

2. No falling asleep or Freddy Krueger will get you.

3. Is it the Johnny Depp movie “The Window”?

4. “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

5. Linda Blair. This movie still scares me.

6. Ooh, Jason Voorhees. “Friday the 13th.”

7. Leatherface from “Chainsaw Massacre”?

8. Motion sick? That’s weird. I have no clue.

9. Fisherman

10. Frankenstein


Ron racks up another win and will return next week to take on a new opponent.


1. “Rosemary’s Baby”

2. Fall asleep

3. “The Shining”

4. “Halloween”

5. Linda Blair

6. “Friday the 13th”

7. Chucky

8. “The Blair Witch Project”

9. A fisherman

10. Frankenstein’s monster