Things are about to get wild this weekend as the South-eastern Wildlife Exposition, otherwise known as SEWE, takes over various venues for the next few days.

There's a lot going on, so be sure to check out the special section insert for all things SEWE, which is the topic of this week's trivia.

Current Head2Head champ Lizzie Reid, a part-time student, is taking on tutor Deb Wheeler.


1. What is South Carolina's state dog?

2. The winner of a DockDogs "Big Air" competition is one who's done what?

3. What is the largest bird of prey in South Carolina and can be found along rivers like the Ashley?

4. How many years has SEWE been around?

5. Name one of three large predators that a visitor could see in fenced-in areas of Marion Square up until 1995.

6. When was the last year that it snowed during SEWE?

7. Which wildlife person-ality made his SEWE debut in 2003?

8. This waterfowl hunting aid has come to be considered a form of North American folk art, with antique ones selling for thousands of dollars. What is it?

9. What Charleston-based magazine has the slogan "The Soul of the South"?

10. What is the only native wild cat in South Carolina today?


1. It's the Boykin, right?

2. DockDogs are awesome. The Big Air winner goes the farthest.

3. That's definitely the bald eagle.

4. No clue.

5. It'd be sweet if there was a lion.

6. I'll go with two years ago.

7. Jeff Corwin

8. Are you talking about duck decoys?

9. Charleston Magazine

10. Pretty sure bobcat's the answer.


1. Coonhound

2. Goes longest

3. Eagle

4. 25

5. Lions

6. Last year

7. Jack Hanna

8. Bird call

9. Garden & Gun

10. Bobcats


With Lizzie and Deb scoring the same number of correct answers, Head2Head officially has a tie. Both contestants will return next week. In the meantime, we'll see you at SEWE.


1. Boykin spaniel

2. Jumped the farthest

3. Bald eagle

4. 32

5. Tiger, lion or bear

6. 2010

7. Jack Hanna

8. Duck decoys

9. Garden & Gun

10. Bobcat