We're in the homestretch of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, with the closing ceremonies set for Sunday. And it's been an interesting couple of weeks filled with upsets, drama, thrilling firsts and, as always, terrific competition.

The Olympics always serve as a much-needed reminder that, despite all the conflict in the world, it is possible to come together peacefully, so this week's Head2Head Trivia is all about the winter games.

This week also serves as a tie-breaker between contestants Lizzie Reid and Deb Wheeler, who found equal footing on last week's questions about the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.


1. Sochi is located next to which major body of water?

2. What American athlete has the most medals in the Winter Olympics?

3. What year was hockey's "Miracle on Ice"?

4. The first Winter Olympics were held in what city?

5. What Olympic event combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting?

6. Which mountain range is Sochi near?

7. Which women's Winter Olympic event had its debut this year even though men have been competing in it since 1924?

8. What is one city that has hosted the Winter Olympics more than once?

9. What American athlete has the most Olympic medals for Alpine skiing?

10. What country has the highest overall gold medal count for all of the Winter Olympics so far?


1. It's the Black Sea, right?

2. I know it's a speed skater. Oh! That guy who won "Dancing With the Stars" ... Apolo Ohno.

3. Um ... sometime in the '70s?

4. I know it was somewhere in France.

5. It's the biathlon, which is one of those sports that seem to only exist in the Olympics.

6. Urals

7. The ski jump.

8. Lake Placid had them more than once, I think.

9. If it's Bode Miller, that's awesome.

10. Gonna go with Norway.


1. Mediterranean

2. Ohno

3. 1988

4. Innsbruck

5. Biathlon

6. Caucasus

7. Ski jumping

8. Lake Placid

9. Lindsey Vonn

10. Austria


Lizzie holds on to her title as Head2Head champion as her knowledge of the Winter Olympics just edged out her opponent. She'll be back again next week to face someone new.


1. Black Sea

2. Apolo Anton Ohno

3. 1980

4. Chamonix, France

5. Biathlon

6. Caucasus

7. Ski jumping

8. St. Moritz, Switzerland; Lake Placid, N.Y.; or Innsbruck, Austria

9. Bode Miller

10. Norway