The 86th edition of the Academy Awards airs on Sunday night with nine films vying for Best Picture this year.

All wildly different, it's always interesting to see what films end up in that category and, ultimately, which one takes home the golden statuette.

In honor of the awards show, this week's Head2Head is all about the Oscars.

Our current trivia champ, part-time student Lizzie Reid, is being challenged by Nate Myers, who's visiting Charleston with his girlfriend.


1. What was the first movie filmed in color to win the Best Picture Oscar?

2. Who is the only actor to twice be nominated posthumously for Academy Awards?

3. What film was Alexander Payne's directorial debut?

4. Three films have tied for winning the most Oscars. Name one.

5. With "The Wolf of Wall Street" their most recent, how many times have Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio worked together?

6. Which individual has won more Oscars (22) than anyone else?

7. Woody Allen was nominated for "Blue Jasmine" in the Original Screenplay category. What was the last film he won the Oscar for in the same category?

8. What was the last film Spike Jonze directed before "Her?"

9. Amy Adams received her fifth Academy Award nomination for "American Hustle." Which film was she nominated for first?

10. Judi Dench won an Oscar in 1998 for a role that had approximately eight minutes of screen time. What character did she win for?


1. I think it might be "The Wizard of Oz."

2. River Phoenix, maybe?

3. I know he did "Sideways."

4. "Titanic"

5. I'm running through them in my head. I'm going with four.

6. I have no clue, but it could be that guy who does all the music for Steven Spielberg movies. John Williams?

7. Pretty sure he won for "Midnight in Paris."

8. "Where the Wild Things Are." Love that movie.

9. Was it "Enchanted"?

10. The first James Bond movie, what was it called, where she plays Q. "Casino Royale."


1. "Gone With the Wind"

2. James Dean

3. "About Schmidt"

4. The third "LOTR" movie.

5. "Gangs of New York," "Shutter Island," "The Aviator," "The Departed" and "Wolf of Wall Street." So five.

6. Some big time producer probably, like Harvey Weinstein.

7. "Midnight in Paris"

8. "Where the Wild Things Are"

9. "Doubt"

10. She was Queen Elizabeth in "Shakespeare in Love."


Lizzie's run as Head2Head Trivia champ has come to an end. Nate will return next week to take on a new opponent and a whole new category.


1. "Gone With the Wind"

2. James Dean

3. "Citizen Ruth"

4. "Ben-Hur," "Titanic" and "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"

5. Five

6. Walt Disney

7. "Midnight in Paris"

8. "Where the Wild Things Are"

9. "Junebug"

10. Queen Elizabeth I in "Shakespeare in Love"