The Cooper River Bridge Run and Walk is a bit like a hurricane - a chaotic, massive force that spins off tornadoes of other events and activities.

Among those spinoffs that have become part of the annual storm are official Bridge Run events, such as Friday's Kids Run, and unaffiliated events like the Coastal Cyclists' annual After the Bridge Run bike ride.

The newest, unofficial, event taps into one of the most dynamic fitness communities in Charleston.

The first-ever YogaPop, a mass yoga event set to the musical mixes of DJ Moo Moo Mack, is set for 6:30-10:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Charleston Visitors Center Bus Shed. The cost is $25 in advance and $30 at the gate.

YogaPop, which seeks to draw 750 participants, will kick off with a 60-minute yoga class led by Bethany Bubenzer, an instructor at Charleston Power Yoga and Yoga House of Charleston, and assisted by an array of other instructors from some of the 20-plus yoga studios in the Charleston area.

Afterwards, participants will be invited to go to a Yoga Village with local crafts and music by Flight of the Phoenix and Lectra Lust.

Combining forces

YogaPop is the brainchild of Becca Finley, executive director of the nonprofit This is Noteworthy, and Hillary Johnson of the Gusto Group.

Finley and Johnson saw the Bridge Run as an opportunity to start something new and different, particularly for the Thursday evening before the big run.

"It (holding an event) is an idea that we have mulled over for a long time," Johnson says. "For me, my passion is in the yoga side of things and Becca's passion is in the music side of things. And we thought how can we bring all this love together under one roof."

As Finley and Johnson were planning the event, they kept coming up with the "idea of 'pop.' "

"It's pop as in music, pop as in fun, pop as in living or pop as in instant in time," recalls Johnson. "Then we were thinking about who are the people who embody this idea and spirit we were looking for."

That's when they narrowed in on Bubenzer and Mack, neither of whom have collaborated on an event like this before but admit to being excited about the possibilities.

Pre-run stretch

"A lot of people I know and love will be there. I love yoga so much. I'm really excited," says Bubenzer, admitting to being a "little nervous" about it.

Mack said performing during a yoga class will be new and challenging for him as well.

"I can't wait to see the hundreds of people doing yoga in sync with us," says Mack, adding that he also likes the idea of using music from the Bridge Run's CD, "Run With Me," featuring a song from each of 24 bands selected to play along the course.

"This gives me a platform to play music from the same people who live in the same city as I do but never knew about it. It's a great education or benefit for me personally," says Mack, a Mount Pleasant native. "And then, incorporating it in with the yoga - what else can you ask for?"

Proceeds from YogaPop benefit This is Noteworthy and the Olive Tree Yoga Foundation.