The World Cup is the most watched sporting event on the planet. Billions of fans are tuning in to watch football (yes, football) matches to see which teams advance to the next round.

Will The United States survive the "Group of Death"?

Will the host team, Brazil, win the whole thing?

The next couple of weeks will decide. In the meantime, we've got World Cup trivia.

Current champ Josh Gerber is going up against Randy Fuller, who works in marketing.


1. How many times has Brazil won the World Cup?

2. What is the only host country to have been eliminated in the first round?

3. What player is the overall scoring leader in tournament history with 15 goals?

4. What was the first African country to reach the quarter-finals in a World Cup?

5. Who is Edson Arantes do Nascimento better known as?

6. In 1930, the United States had its best result in World Cup history. What was it?

7. What player is associated with the "Hand of God" goal?

8. How many countries have won the World Cup?

9. What does "Joga bonito" mean?

10. Who won the World Cup in 2010?


1. I feel like it's a lot, so, six?

2. The United States

3. Maradona?

4. I'll say South Africa.

5. No idea, but I'm guessing Pele.

6. Runner up.

7. That's got to be Maradona.

8. Maybe 12.

9. I think it's "beautiful game."

10. Pretty sure it was Spain.


1. Three

2. Spain

3. Pele

4. South Africa

5. (Opted to not answer.)

6. Sixth

7. (Opted to not answer.)

8. 10

9. "Long live soccer."

10. Argentina


No judgment, but it's been a while since a contestant failed to get any answers right. As a result, Josh is now a two-time Head2Head Trivia champ and will be back next week looking for his third win.


1. Five

2. South Africa

3. Ronaldo

4. Cameroon

5. Pele

6. Third place

7. Diego Maradona

8. Eight

9. "The beautiful game."

10. Spain