This week's trivia is all about animals, for no particular reason except that we haven't done it in a while.

Our current Head2Head champ is Dana Rutheimer, who is looking for her third victory, and her opponent this week is Tom Vega, who does woodworking.


1. Which is fastest, a horse or a greyhound?

2. What is the collective name for a group of frogs?

3. What can be a minke, grey or bowhead?

4. What bird is the "champion" of flying backwards?

5. What wild animal in Africa has killed more people than any other?

6. What is the only cat in the world that can't retract its claws?

7. What is the largest animal without a backbone?

8. What percentage of a jellyfish is water?

9. What is the most common mammal in the U.S.?

10. What species of bear is the largest: brown, polar or grizzly?


1. I'm tempted to say greyhound.

2. The only one I know is a murder of crows.

3. I'm guessing whale.

4. Oh, that has to be the hummingbird.

5. Interestingly, it's actually the hippo.

6. The cheetah.

7. An octopus?

8. Mostly, so maybe 95 percent

9. I think it's probably a rodent, so mouse?

10. Most definitely polar.


1. Greyhound

2. Parliament

3. Is it a whale?

4. Hummingbird

5. Elephant

6. Cheetah

7. Anaconda

8. 90 percent

9. Rat

10. Polar


Dana makes it three in a row. Let's see if she can keep the streak going next week.


1. Greyhound

2. Army

3. Whale

4. Hummingbird

5. Hippopotamus

6. Cheetah

7. Giant squid

8. 95 percent

9. Mouse

10. Polar