If you've got the guts, we've got the game.

The Lowcountry's still-wild places are crawling with animals, including some that might test even a veteran hunter's nerve (try chasing a wild boar through the swamps or tangling with a 12-foot alligator).

But be warned: While you may be a hunter, an army of insects sees you as prey. Our famed squadrons of mosquitoes (often referred to as our official state bird) are so thick in places that even the toughest country folk wince and run for cover.

But for brave souls, great hunting awaits yearround.

Our coastal counties boast one of the county's longest white-tailed deer seasons, running from mid-August through the end of the year. Hunters here enjoy the rare opportunity to take a trophy buck "in velvet."

Alligator season and a series of dove seasons play out in late summer and early fall, followed by tightly managed waterfowl seasons in the winter. Some coastal counties even hold wintertime black bear seasons.

Late winter and spring are for the birds, with quail hunting followed by a popular wild turkey season, when fanatical hunters will be creeping through the woods trying their best to woo big gobblers into range.